Wednesday, December 31, 2014


daughter of John Gray of Dundee, Scotland
wife of Charles Backhouse Robinson (1806-1894)

This oil portrait, by artist W. H. Howard, was painted in 1892 when Euphemia was 80 years old.  The painting hung in the family home, Frankton Grange, near Ellesmere, Salop, England until the home was brought down in the 1960s.  It was then in the possession of Harry Robinson until 1974 when he and his son John Robinson, gave it to E. Geoffrey Jeffreys, their second cousin.
above - Harry Robinson, E. Geoffrey Jeffreys, John Robinson, at The Old Vicarage, Loppington, Salop, England, 1974

Jeffreys had it shipped from Liverpool to Mobile, Alabama in a 450-pound crate.  The portrait was in process of being cleaned and restored in Pensacola, Florida, when the restorer's shop was completely destroyed by fire.  Just a few color photographs of the portrait, including this one, survive.

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